The overall policy for the fisheries sector is the sustainable use of all fisheries resources to maximise benefits to all Vincentians in the present and future.  The strategies and policies concerning fisheries management and development will be under continuous review with the involvement of all stakeholders.  Management regimes will serve to enhance the opportunities for Fisheries to play a greater role in national food supply, thereby helping to alleviate under-nutrition and contribute to national food security.  Emphasis is, and will continue to be, placed on the protection of the marine environment, to maintain and enhance its carrying capacity.

Fisheries development goals and strategies will ensure the betterment of the socio-economic conditions of all stakeholders/beneficiaries within the Vincentian population.  Moreover, fisheries development and management will take full account of the present and potential contributions from marine fisheries, both within and outside the Vincentian Exclusive Economic Zone, as well as from aquaculture.  Furthermore, essential factors of production such as fishing boats, gear and technology, skilled personnel and research capability will be considered.

As the approach to fisheries management evolves at the global level management at the local level must facilitate these changes.  We must also be prepared to lead these changing initiatives especially where we have novel approaches in addressing fisheries resource management issues that might have an international interest.



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